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Crescent White Moon Charm - Silver
Crescent White Moon Charm - Silver
Crescent White Moon Charm - Silver

Crescent White Moon Charm - Silver

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    • Crescent Moon Charms Charms
    • Reversible
    • Symmetrical pair: Sold As Set
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Finishing: 18k Gold plating
    • Moon diameter: 12 mm


    The waning + waxing crescent moon represents rest, restore, reflection, fresh energy, focus and sprouting! How perfect is that for the new year! Wear these moons to represent and remember your fresh new start for the summer! Give yourself self fresh energy, rest and time to sprout everyday!🤍🌙

    I love that jewelry can be symbolic, something you wear everyday should mean something! The meaning of moons are so powerful.

    The Crescent White removable charm set is stunning. This allows you to express yourself daily through your jewelry. Paired with the Zaana Z Hoops, the removable, radiant, mini star charm will help you own your unique shine and will effortlessly guide you through life, love, happiness, and to your next success, with your head up!

    Select your charm and hoop style to create your own unique look all crafted in 18k gold. We love that no two individuals are the same, so we created an experience that celebrates you, and lets you express who you are through your jewelry!